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You can change the title of your pages one of 3 ways. Any way you choose is easy and effective. Remember not to make your title too long, and use keywords and phrases specific to ONLY that page...

Choice One: As you edit each page you can use the "split view" or "code view"... Approximately 3 lines down from the top you will see the "<title>" tag. In between the > and < is the area you need to edit.

Choice Two: Click the "Web Site" tab in the top section of your program (see image below). It will give you a list of all the pages in your directory. Also in the image below you will see a second arrow pointing to the "Title" section. This is where you can change all the titles in one section. Click once to select the page. Under the "Title" Column click the words a second time (do not double click fast, or you will open the page). This will give you an editable section for the Title.

Choice Three: As you edit each page... When you are editing each page you can right click anywhere on your page and select "Page Properties". You will see the "Title" section right there. (You can also change 2 of your meta tags here but we'll go into that in a bit)


<< Forms Tutorial - Main Tutorial Page - Page Name Tutorial >>


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