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Working with Tables

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Selecting Tables:

Selecting tables are extremely easy. Click on the section you want to select and click "Select Table". (Under the "Table" menu) Now, I know you are wondering why, if it was that obvious, did we bother making this section. Well... Once in a while it may be slightly more difficult to grab the exact table you want. In some of our templates we use "Nested Tables". This means more than one table in the same section. It is still easy to grab these tables, just requires an extra couple clicks. Click (putting these choices on your toolbar will actually be the best choice in the long run) "Select Cell" - "Select Table" and continue to do those two clicks until you get the entire section you want. Done! Copy that table and put it anywhere else you want. Just remember you MUST paste Table to Table or Cell to Cell. You cannot paste Table to Cell.

Changing Tables:

You can, at any time, add new tables or change current ones. Just be careful because when you change the size of a table you run the risk of changing the layouts.

Right clicking on any table and selecting "Table Properties" will give you the ability to add borders, change colors, change sizes and also add padding/spacing.

Doing all those options under "Cell Properties" will also give you a lot of versatility.

Adding Tables:

There is usually an icon on your toolbar that gives you the ability to add a table quickly and easily. You can do so with several rows & columns.

You can also click "Table - Insert Table" or if you already have a table you can also change it by anyone of the following options:

  • Merge Cells: Merging more than one cell together and creating one cell
  • Split Cells: Taking one cell and splitting it into either several columns or rows.
  • Adding Cells: You can add rows and columns to any template as well - under the Table menu.
Style Properties:

Under the "Cell Properties" section is a button that says "Style" ... Clicking on this button will give you the ability to add colors and properties from the style sheet.



<< Publishing Tutorial - Main Tutorial Page - Image Tutorials >>



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