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In our larger & more high end templates we have included as many pages and layouts as we possibly could. We've tried to anticipate every need you will have now and in the future so that you can continue to grow with ease. The two most important things to remember with using your template is: One: You do NOT have to use all pages immediately, you can always add more as you go... and Two: Keep a copy of the original .zip file safe for later on. In the future you may need to replace pages or other template pieces that you may have either messed up or deleted.

There are two key choices to "removing" pages in the template.

Choice 1: This choice is the easiest. After planning your website and choosing the pages you want to use now. Just simply highlight and delete the pages you don't need or want to use now. When you are ready to use those pages later you simply extract just the pages you wish to use from the .zip file you saved.

Choice 2: This choice is not as easy as the other, however it is easier to grab pages and use them when you need or want them. One way is to add a folder called "unused". (Remember to add this directory/folder to your robots.txt file to stop the search engines from reading it.) Now here is where you must choose the best option for you. In Microsoft FrontPage and Microsoft Expression Web programs hyperlinks get updated when you rename or move them. In the "folder list" on the left hand side you can highlight the pages you don't want and drag and drop them into the "unused" folder. The problem that may occur when doing this is if you miss any hyperlinks to these pages your website will end up linking to undone template pages. Finding them while doing reports or globally searching isn't difficult but it is an extra step.


The way to avoid this problem is by simply going to the web folder through your "My Documents" folder and move the files outside of FrontPage or Expression. Doing it this way will allow you to be able to find "broken" links when you use the "Report - Hyperlinks" feature. It will make sure you are not linked to undone template pages.

How to Add Pages:

Adding pages cannot be done by simply clicking "New - Page" the reason being is this is not a Theme generated template. Not to mention, the reason you purchased this template was for the images & layouts! Choose the page you want to re-do. It can be a page you already have edited, or a page that we deleted or put under "unused" (see above). Once you've selected the layout you wish to use just open that page and click "Save-As". You are done... Begin editing that page and you have a brand new page with the layout you wanted...


<< Learning Your Template Tutorial - Main Tutorial Page - Publishing Templates Tutorial >>



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