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Our templates are designed to have many options, but because we don't can't create a template for every possibility in the world, you may want to change some of the page names to be better suited to your field.

Doing so is simple. In the folder list on the left hand side of FrontPage or Expression Web, right click on any of the pages and select "rename". Type in the name you want followed by .htm, click enter and you are done.



  • Do NOT use spaces. They are not friendly for search engines, linking or customers being able to remember your pages.

  • Search Engines prefer to see "-" instead of "_" in page names. For example: this-page-would-be-right.htm and this_page_is_not_correct.htm. You do not have to separate page names with "-" and can name your pages like this: thiskindofpageisgoodtoo.htm. Either way, you are better off as long as you do NOT put spaces.


<< Page Titles Tutorial - Main Tutorial Page - Font Tutorials >>



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