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What are include pages?

Include pages are .htm pages inside of .htm pages. The benefit of using include pages is that where ever you have an include page, you will be able to change one page and update several pages at once. For example: If your template has a drop down menu all you need to do is open the nav_top.htm and make your changes. When you click "save" it will make the changes on every page the drop down menu was included in.

The good thing about include pages is they are 100% search engine readable.

Because our templates were created in FrontPage, our include pages are only useable in FrontPage and Expression Web. If you are using Dreamweaver, you can still use include pages, however you must re-enter the include pages as SSI (server side includes). Your help file and tutorials will help you do this.

Changing the Include Pages in FrontPage:

FrontPage includes are extremely easy and are also extremely powerful tools...

First: To edit an include page. You simply open the include page (to find out what the name of the .htm file is, double click on the include page and it will tell you what the file is). Open the .htm file and make the changes you want to make. Click save and you are done.

Second: To ADD include pages. Put your cursor in the area you wish to include the page. Click "Insert - Web Component - Page" and browse to the correct page. Click Ok.. You are done.

Changing the Include Pages in Expression Web:

Although all current include pages are 100% functioning and can still be edited and updated with ease. Adding an include page in a non-DWT template is a slightly different process. To learn this process click this link:



<< Images Tutorial - Main Tutorial Page - Form Tutorials >>



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