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Before we go into the "how" there is two important things I want to mention here...
  1. Always use the "image" folder to store your images. This will keep your main directory easier to manage and also make sure you find your images easily and quickly.
  2. NEVER EVER EVER use spaces in your folder names or image names. I know that windows allows this feature, but the internet doesn't translate it the same way and the code problems it causes will not help you in the long run. Use a "-" or even an "_" if you must instead of a "space".

Inserting an image into a template couldn't be easier. You can either use your "Folder List" on the left and drag an image and drop it right into the section/area you want. OR You can click "Insert - Picture - From File".

After inserting an image, you may find that you don't like the way it "fits" into your page. You may want it centered, or even have the text wrap around it. Doing this is not hard at all. Simply double click the image you have inserted...

(see image on right and below)

You will see "None" "Left" and "Right" depending on what side of the page you want it select the justification best suited for you. To center the image you simply use the same feature you do for centering anything else. On your tool bar is the "center" button. Click on your image then click "Center" and you are done.


You can also add hyperlinks and alt tags. When you double click on the image you select the "General" tab on top. This is where you can put the hyperlink as well as changing the "alt tag" information.

Alt tags are perfect for getting extra keywords. Just make sure you do not overdo it when using Alt tags. Too many keywords and Google starts ignoring you.


<< Tables Tutorial - Main Tutorial Page - Include Pages Tutorials >>



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