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What is a Drop Down Menu?

We have created a drop down menu, included with some of our templates, that gives you the ability to have a clean, easily changeable drop down menu that doesn't hurt you in the search engines. In fact, pages put in the drop down menu have been known to be indexed faster than pages not in the menu.

If you have FrontPage or Expression Web our templates are set with include pages. The drop down menu is included on all pages and only needs to be edited once. Any changes made to this page will be made globally through the entire site.

This feature should only be used if you have more than 15 pages in your website. Anything less than this would be "overkill" on any website.

How do I change my Drop Down Menu?

The Drop-Down Navigation menu is simple to edit. Everything is contained in a page called "nav_top.htm" in your main template folder.

To change the Page List, or the Title that appears in the Drop-Down Menu, open the "nav_top.htm" page in your editor, and then look in the HTML VIEW.


Once in the HTML VIEW, you'll find there are TWO major sections that command the menu. The first section is the TITLE and script area, and the next is the Page List.

Following are two examples. One is to change the Menu Title. The second is to change a page listing in the drop-down... Only one example is needed, since every change would be the same method...

Changing the Navigation Title

EXAMPLE for "Jewelry and Gifts:... The Title in the Drop-Down Menu and the main script command...

Note that it is the first DROP-DOWN MENU - the "HOME" Title is by itself. So this one is numbered as "dropmenu0" ... To edit the TITLE that shows on the page, edit this area, changing ONLY "Jewelry & Gifts in the 5th line to say what you want...

<td align="center" height="24">
<span class="wrap2"
onclick="dropit(event, 'dropmenu0');event.cancelBubble=true;return false">
<a href="sitemap.htm"
onclick="if(ns4) return dropit(event, 'document.dropmenu0')">Jewelry & Gifts</a></span> </font>

Changing a Page Name in the Drop-Down List

EXAMPLE for "Jewelry & Gifts", to change a Page Name & Link in the Drop Down Menu...

  1. Locate this tag:

    <div class="navdropmenu" id="dropmenu0">
    <a href="products.htm">Product Catalog</a><br />
    <a href="sales.htm">Sales and Specials</a><br />
    <a href="gold.htm">Gold Catalog</a><br />
    <a href="gifts.htm">Gift Catalog</a><br />
    <a href="rings.htm">Ring Catalog</a><br />
    <a href="jewelrycatalog.htm">Jewelry Catalog</a><br />
    <a href="wedding.htm">Wedding Catalog</a><br />
    <a href="specialgifts.htm">Collectibles Catalog</a><br />
    <a href="mothersday.htm">Mothers Day Catalog</a><br />
    <a href="christmas.htm">Christmas Gifts</a><br />
    <a href="productdetails.htm">Product Details</a><br />
    <a href="pricelist.htm">Sample Price List</a><br />
    <a href="comparison.htm">Competitive Table</a>

  2. Find the line you want to change... for instance, "Gold Catalog", in line three. You would simply change ONLY the page name, i.e., "gold.htm" to the correct page name, AND the title of the page, such as "Gold Catalog", to the name you want. DON'T change anything else, especially the spaces, and above all, REMEMBER that "You cannot use the apostrophe (')or the quotation (&quot;) marks in your titles! It will cause the script to quit working!"... That's why you see the page title "Whats New" instead of "What's New?" --- there is a way to use the apostrophe, etc., but we're trying to keep it simple for you!

Adding or Deleting a Page To the Drop-Down List

  1. Locate the menu where you want to add or delete a page name...

  2. To delete a page from the list, highlight the correct line from the "<a href to the end >, then delete the line and close the space.

  3. To ADD a page, we suggest that you copy the line above where you want your addition to appear, hit enter at the end of the line, then paste the line you copied into the blank space... Now, just edit the line to the new page name (something.htm) and the new page title, such as "All The Good Stuff", (or whatever you want to call it! :-). Make sure you put a <br /> into the end of all lines, but the last in the set.

Save the "nav_top.htm" page when you're done editing, and your changes will now appear in the Navigation and Drop-Down Menu!


<< CSS Tutorial - Main Tutorial Page - Meta Tags Tutorial >>


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