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We will be providing you with a list of several domain and hosting companies... With so many options out there we want to make sure that we provide you with the most reliable, affordable and trustworthy companies available.

Before we make recommendations on who you should purchase your domain name from, there are some VERY important things you need to know before you buy a name.

  1. Domain Names are "web estate" (online real estate) - A good name, with a good website behind it can improve in value. The more traffic, better ranking, and age of a domain name and website can become as profitable as additions to a home, such as a pool, deck, hardwood flooring, etc... Again, because it is "web estate", if you have the time, money, knowledge and desire, you can NEVER have too many domain names! For less than $10 a year, if you can find a unique and good name that no one else has thought of, it would be foolish of you to NOT buy it! You can either just keep the name, or you can build out small, profitable websites that can later be sold for a LOT of money. (We will be putting together an education series about making money with domain names starting later this year... So check back often!)
  2. Choosing a name - Because everyone seems to be on the internet nowadays it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find a domain name that fits your company. When you are looking for a domain name there are some guidelines that you should consider when picking your name...

    Making sure your customers/clients remember your website is the key to a successful business. You want the name to be easy & memorable. Word of mouth, repeat business, linking and keywords are all important for success... Use the guidelines below to help you find the right name for you.
    • Easy & Short - You don't want to use a name that people cannot remember. For example: thewhatzajigger.com not only spelling, but using "weird" phrases or names can be extremely confusing and hard to remember. People want "easy" if it isn't "easy" then they will find a competitor who is. Same with length, the longer the name the less people remember (not to mention can hurt you in the search engines), ihavethebestcookiesinamerica.com is cute, but just TOO long!
    • Spelling & Shortcuts - There are "slang" words that can be commonly misspelled, even common words that people just can't seem to remember how to spell. When you have these problems, it is recommended that you purchase both the one you want, as well as the most common misspelling. For example: "RECIPE" or "RECEIPT"... you'd be surprised how many people spell it like: receipe or reciept..

      Using "4" or "for" - "u" or "you" - granted you want a shorter domain name, but you never know which version will be the one most people automatically use, so if this is what you want to do, we recommend that you purchase both versions
    • .com, .net, .biz, .org, .gov, .tv, .??? - There are so many domain extensions it is hard to know what is the right one to use. Not to mention, when someone finds a name they like that isn't available on the .com but is available on the .net or .biz, they think it is "just as good"... NOT TRUE!!!!

      .gov, .mil and .org are unique in their own rights... .org is used for charitable, organization and non-profit websites. .gov & .mil is, well obviously government websites. Unless your websites fit under that category it is not a good idea to use them. Even if your website does fit under them, it is still a good idea to get the .com (we will explain why shortly). People use the .gov and .org websites .com version for their websites because they know that chances are they will get most of their business from people typing .com.

      .net, .biz, .tv, etc... There are technically "purposes" for these extensions, but the biggest reason they've added most of these domain extensions is so that there are more names available to purchase.

      .com is still the ONLY extension 95% of internet users remember. Even if you tell them BillyBobsLugnuts.NET, 2 hours later when they try to visit your site, their brain and fingers will automatically type in: BillyBobsLugnuts.COM. Unless most of your business comes straight from links on the internet, and repeat business isn't a priority then the extension you use does not matter. However, if you plan on word of mouth, brochure, phone book, repeat visitors, etc... is your goal and important to your business than find a name with the .com!!!
    • Using "-" in your name - For example: billy-bobs-lugnuts.com... For those who have names they really want, but someone has already thought of, they think using the "-" is the way to go... COMPLETELY WRONG!!!

      Like the difference between using .net or .com, using a "-" is completely forgettable! Nobody remembers to include the "-" in a name. So chances are you will lose over 1/2 your word of mouth and repeat business by using "-" in your name.

      NOTE: For both the "-" and domain extension problems, if you find a .com without the dashes that you like, it will not hurt to pick up the .net, .biz, and "-" name as well... That way you own that name completely... Don't spend the money on these options unless you find a "gold-mine" name...
  3. Purchasing a name - First, make a list of several names and choices for your domain (don't start trying to find a name until you have a good list to begin with, and many variations because there is not an "unlimited" amount of choices left)

    When you have decided on a name(s) and are ready to begin searching for availability go to one of the companies below and be ready to purchase them immediately! Just visiting a domain purchasing agent and typing in names is NOT a good idea. There are companies that have computers out there that sit and watch these sites, and because they know that "web estate" is important they take the opportunity to purchase any website that someone is interested in and then resell it at a dramatic increase. "Domain Squatters" are frustrating and extremely painful to deal with... One day you find the "perfect name" that would have been less than $10 and go back 2 days later with your credit card and find it has been purchased. You will now be able to buy your "perfect name" for $250-$10,000 on average!

    If you do not have the money right then, wait until you can afford to purchase the names you find, and THEN go and search for them, click "buy" immediately and be done with it. There is nothing worse than losing the right name and having to settle for an "ok" name. You do NOT need to have a place to host the website when you purchase it!!!! You can "park" your domain name when you purchase it for FREE!


Click Here to Begin Buying Your Domain Name(s) Now! - This company is the best, most affordable and most trustworthy domain name registrar on the internet... Go Daddy is the only registrar we recommend!


A list of hosting companies will be available soon!


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